Roy’s Blog: “Don’t Trample My Garden”

John 18:1, 9 “When Jesus had spoken these words, he went forth with His disciples over the brook of Cedron, where was a garden, into the which he entered, and His disciples. (9) Jesus said, ‘I have not lost any of the ones you gave me.'”

My father taught me this, painful, but valuable lesson early in my life: Don’t create havoc in my garden. You can play ball in the yard. You can have races in the alley. You can build a fort in the tree behind the house. But, the garden? Leave it alone!

Though the vegetables were tasty, we didn’t need to grow them. It was hard dirty work. We could buy whatever we wanted at the super market. So why did my Dad insist on having a garden?

He loved to see life. A garden is a place of life, a place where buds explode and plants push back the soil to make it through to the sunshine. A place of turnip greens (Dad’s favorite), and roses, and tomato plants. It was a place of lush green and colors. Of butterflies and bees. It was a place of beauty.

Flowers are fragile. Plants are precious. He didn’t want to lose even one.

God loves His creation that lives in His garden. We are precious, fragile at times, and He doesn’t want anyone or anything trampling His garden and creating havoc. He will come at harvest.

Are you ready?

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