Roy’s Blog: “Burn Your Ships”

Philippians 3:8a “I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus.”

Hernando Cortes had a plan.

He wanted to lead an expedition into Mexico to capture its vast treasures. When he told the Spanish governor his strategy, the governor got so excited that he gave Cortes eleven ships and seven hundred men. But, that was not all of Cortes’s plan.

After months of travel, the eleven ships landed in Vera Cruz in the spring of 1519. As soon as the men unloaded the ships, Cortes instituted the rest of his plan. He burned all the ships.

That’s what you call ‘no turning back’. By burning the ships, Cortes eliminated the options. In one sweep, he had not only eliminated the option to turn back, he also created an intensely powerful motivation to succeed.

If you are to be successful for the Lord, you must burn your ships. Take away the options that to go back to the old life, the old you. Let go of all the past things that might drag you backwards. Create a powerful motivation to go forward. A new life is there. Reach out and don’t look back.


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