Roy’s Blog: “Overdrive”

I Peter 4:7 “The end of all things is near, therefore be alert and of sober mind so that you may pray.” (Be ready).

I believe we are in the most biblically relevant time in history and so few show any interest. We are in a season exploding with “signs of the end-times” and little attention is paid to them anywhere in the world.

Everything is going faster and faster. It’s in overdrive–except for people’s response. Too many people are in love with the world. There are tremendous pressures from all sides, from world events, but their response is to cling to this world, looking to sporting events and pleasurable activities to relieve the pressures and the anxiety.

They know they are not right with God, but they avoid the reality by looking to other things, other activities. They don’t want to hear about the signs of the times because it reminds them–time is running out and they must do something before it is forever TOO LATE.

Noah preached for 120 years that the flood was coming–while he built the ark. People in his time ignored the message. They ignored the warnings God sent through Noah. And they paid the price.

A storm is coming again. This time it is the Rapture. You are being warned. The signs are there. Please don’t ignore them until it is TOO LATE!

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