Roy’s Blog: “Another Step”

I Kings 8:56a (NASB) “Blessed be the Lord, who has given rest to His people Israel, according to all that He promised…”

Bahrain has become the latest Arab nation to agree to normalize ties with Israel as past of a broader diplomatic push by President Donald Trump and his administration.

Trump announced the agreement this last Friday, September 11th.

“It’s a very historic day. A very important day. And so interesting that it’s on 9/11,” President Trump said. “You’ll be hearing from other countries in a very short period of time. And you could have peace in the Middle East,” he added.

In another strike-out for the Palestinians, they failed to gain the Arab League’s support for a draft resolution condemning the Israel–UAE normalization agreement on 9-9-2020. This is historic also. They’ve had things their way for many years. The Arab League had buckled under to their demands before.

The world is witnessing another step in the movement of the nations toward the Gog/Magog war.

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