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Nahum 2:2 (GNT) “The Lord is about to restore the glory of Israel, as it was before her enemies plundered her.”

Israel is in the process of becoming the jewel of the Middle East. United States oil and gas conglomerate, Chevron, has completed its acquisition of Noble Energy, following approval by the Texas-based company’s shareholders. Noble Energy operates two gas fields off Israel’s coast.

This is tremendous news for Israel’s economy and will open up huge investment opportunities for high-tech and start-ups in the energy sector. The total package of the Tamar and Leviathan gas fields is thirteen billion dollars, according to Chevron.

It is amazing how many things have changed in the Middle East in just three years. The United States has moved it’s embassy to Jerusalem. We have recognized Israel’s sovereignty in the Golan Heights and opened up peace accords with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. We have stopped 85% of all funding to the Palestinian Authority (money mostly used to attack Israel). Truly, Israel is an oasis in the midst of chaos in the Middle East.

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