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Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do, and He will direct your paths.”

Printed boldly on the Unites States currency is the motto: “In God We Trust”. We’ve see it so often we don’t really notice it anymore. For many its meaning has been lost over the years. But, found in these words is the secret to national and personal greatness.

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word trust as, “A firm belief or confidence in the honesty, integrity, reliability, and justice of another person or thing.”

When our founding fathers put their names on the Declaration of Independence, they believed that God was the only sure foundation upon which to build a great nation that would endure the test of time.

Faith, trust, and reliance upon Almighty God was deeply rooted in our country’s birth. Let no one try to convince you otherwise. The key to our country’s greatness and our personal lives is not found in our currency or our politics but in the God we trust.

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