Roy’s Blog: “Self Control” in a new tab)

I Corinthians 9:25 (NLT) “All athletes practice strict self control. They do it to win a prize that will fade away, but we do it for an eternal prize.”

Is your life out of control? Your home? I’m pretty sure like many today, you are feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Like a car with no steering wheel you screech around corners with no sense of control. Here in Texas, I’ve heard and read many stories of households in complete chaos trying to deal with the new thing (seems like every day it’s something else)–the extreme weather. We aren’t prepared for zero and sub-zero temperatures. We have the summers licked. It can get extremely hot, and we’re still okay. But this is just unreal. Power outages, water outages, frozen or burst pipes, animals to give extra care to, and add to that, the stores, if you have four-wheel-drive and can get there, are out of most staple items and will be for a while.

You have to practice a lot of self control just to make it through the day. It is the key to any success and victory you hope to have in this life. You can count to ten and it may help, but you have to get to the point of always doing that first before you react. That is God. If you let Him have control, He will direct you. He will remind you to step back and actually do the counting–reassess. This weather didn’t sneak up on God, nor did the pandemic.

Your house may not have been ready, the roads, the electrical and water infrastructure, but if God has control of your life you’ll be ready and able to weather any storms. Remember Christ provides the power to run your race.

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