Roy’s Blog: “Denied” in a new tab)

John 14:1 “Let not your heart be troubled; ye believe in God, believe also in Me.”

Twenty-four world leaders call for more globalism, citing the coronavirus outbreak as an opportunity to consign nationalism to the dustbin of history. Britain’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and French President Emmanuel Macron are the leading figures behind the pledge for globalism. Europe is determined to weed out nationalism from the world.

The Biden Administration’s Covid team is pushing an electronic test-and-trace program that would allow businesses to deny services to patrons based on their health data. Forget HIPPA! Forget having freedom to go where you want. You can be denied and never given the reason.

Only part of the reason is vaccination verification. It is only being used to further something they have wanted to do for a long time: keep track people’s movements and control people. Using the excuse it’s “for your own good or the good of society in general” they will deny services to you if you do not comply (with proof) of whatever they want at the time. May start with a vaccination record, but it won’t stop there. It may take the form of whether you have a gun in your house…or a Bible. Think it won’t come to that? I never thought I would see the things I’ve seen either.

The Gallup poll reports that for the first time America has fallen to less than 50% of people who claim to have an affiliation with with a church, synagogue, or mosque.

Surely we are living in the last days. Please don’t deny Jesus a place in your life!

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