Roy’s Blog: “God Alone” in a new tab)

Psalm 86:10 “For You are great and do wondrous deeds; You alone are God.”

God alone is the answer for the broken lives in America. From sea to shining sea we are a broken, sinful, faithless nation. We see social problems throughout our land that we could not have imagined a short few years ago. Who could ever imagine “drag queen time” at the local library or the latest show for kids on PBS hosted by a “drag queen”.

Or, who could imagine that other countries would be banning Disney movies because they contained transgender or homosexual content. We are experiencing the complete destruction of our nation-from within. Our children’s minds are being manipulated to accept things God has deemed unacceptable.

You often hear people say, “Wait until the 2022 election, then we can change everything. If we don’t have a spiritual awakening now, 2022 will not matter. God alone is the only force that can change America-from the inside out.

Pray that God will touch and change hearts all across America today, before it is too late.

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