Roy’s Blog: “A Sign” in a new tab)

Matthew 24:44 “You must be ready; for the Son of Man is coming at an hour when you do not think He will.”

Iran’s largest navy ship has sunk! It caught fire near the Strait of Hormuz under unclear circumstances. The Kharg, named after an island nearby that serves as a key oil terminal, caught fire in the early hours of Wednesday local time and more than 20 hours of rescue operations failed to save it.

The circumstances surrounding the fire were unclear. But, there was a humiliating truth: someone acted on Israel’s behalf. This was a terrible loss to the Iranian military who is exploiting every opportunity to overthrow Saudi Arabia and destroy Israel. It was a military ship that was the pride of Iran, now destroyed by an internal fire right off their coast in the Gulf of Oman.

This comes only one day after the crash of an Iranian F-5, killing two pilots. Tensions are very high in the Middle East.

Even so, Iran is still feverishly moving toward their ultimate goal of ushering in the “12th Imam”. Why do you care? Why would it be important to you?

This is all a sign: YOUR REDEMPTION DRAWETH NEAR! Matthew 24:44 “You must be ready…”

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