Roy’s Blog: “Where Do YOU Stand?” in a new tab)

Joshua 24:15b Joshua said long ago, “…as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

How about you? Where do you stand?

You and I can’t imagine living in a country where, if you were fortunate, you had four hours of electricity out of a twenty-four period, with no change in sight. Or where, week after a week, there is little gasoline to be found anywhere. And a fully stocked grocery store is only a dream, if you could even find one open. Welcome to Venezuela or Lebanon. Those are the nightmares people in these countries face every day.

America has been so blessed. And we have taken it for granted that no matter how immoral we are, or how far away from God we turn, we will still experience God’s blessing. Bur, that is not the case. Today, in America, we are experiencing the judgement of God for our sins. And, no political party or new law will fix it. Only a true repentance by the American people, seeking forgiveness and turning from sin, can save us. Many practices in America may be now considered legal, but that does not make them right in God’s sight.

The question is: Where do you stand? Joshua was the leader in his family. He said “for me…and my house…” Fathers? Where do you stand? Where are you leading your family?

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