Roy’s Blog: “Manufactured Crisis” in a new tab)

Daniel 2:42 “The toes of the feet were partly of iron and partly of pottery, so some of the Kingdom will be strong and part of it will be brittle.”

What we are seeing today is one manufactured crisis after another in order to usher in the ” New World Order”. For this to happen the United States must fall from power and dominance on the world stage, and that is happening right now. Our status is gone; our credibility is gone; and soon, our finances will be gone.

The pandemic is a manufactured crisis. Social distancing, quarantines, closing of businesses and churches, and “mandatory vaccinations” are all a part of the manufactured chaos. The overwhelming influx of illegal immigrants across our border is a manufactured crisis. Spending money we don’t have to give illegal aliens free everything is a crisis in the making by this administration. The whole border issue is changing America and not in a good way.

It is no accident we have moved from the number one energy producing nation to now importing from foreign countries. It is a manufactured crisis by the (manufactured) Biden Administration under their so-called Green New Deal. Production in our country has been curtailed, while the administration begs OPEC to increase production, and ships oil from Russia to satisfy our “manufactured” energy shortage.

What we are seeing is the formation of a world prepared for the New World Order led by the Antichrist.

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