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Revelation 1:11 “…I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last: Write in the book what you see, and send it to the seven churches…”

Prophetically, where are we in the Bible?

John was commanded, nearly two thousand years ago, to write to the seven churches of Asia Minor, the “things which must soon take place.” (Revelation 1:1)

So began the Lord’s Revelation to the seven churches that outline the history of the church age. He began with the church at Ephesus and ended with the church at Laodicea-the church that is neither “hot nor cold” but lukewarm, the church where He “stands at the door and knocks” for entrance!

Where are we today? We are considered in the Laodicean church age. Every age has some of each type of the seven churches, but each period has more of the type for that age. More of our churches today are “lukewarm”. They have church, but there is no fire, no great testimony. They just go through the motions. Some seem on fire because of great music, and there is nothing wrong with a great music program, unless that is all it is–an emotional response to the music which fades even before you leave the church.

We are in the last church age. That means we should be listening for the trumpet call saying, “Come up here!” When the doors of heaven open to receive all the saints, I will be there. Where will you be?

As surely as the Lord came two thousand years ago, we are going to fly away soon!

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