Roy’s Blog: “No Jab, No Job…” in a new tab)

Joel 2:12-13 “It’s not too late, says the Lord, come back to me and really mean it! Come fasting and weeping, sorry for your sins! Change your life not just your clothes. Come to God, for He is gracious and merciful…”

No jab, no job, no health care, no buying groceries, no movies, no sporting events, no…no…no…you get the idea. You will be an outcast, like the lepers were in the Bible. You can’t be anywhere other people are. All this because you won’t take the Covid vaccine. Doesn’t matter that you have health reasons that may make it dangerous for you to take it. Doesn’t matter that you have a job that requires you to be in tip-top health–like a pilot. They can’t afford to take a vaccine that might cause a heart problem. Would you want the person flying your aircraft to take that chance? Not me.

Truck drivers also have to be in great shape. If they have a heart problem, or uncontrolled diabetes, they can’t drive a commercial vehicle. So why would they want to take a chance this vaccine would cause them to have a heart problem? (It is one of the proven possibilities especially for men.)

This administration has posted as a mandate on a vaccine against a virus with a rate of recovery of 99.5 percent. They disregard proven medications that would push that number upwards of 100 percent. Medications that have been used for decades on millions of people worldwide…in favor of a shot that is not near as effective. Why? Control!

The Biden Administration has even implied that “unvaccinated Americans are murderers”. I have always wondered how the “world government” under the direction of the Antichrist would be able to control every facet of life. Now I can see it: with the vaccine mandate; the push to a cashless society so they can keep up with everything you buy or sell; with the “Green New Deal” where they will eventually keep tabs (and control) on how much energy you use in your home (already possible).

Think you can avoid these things. Leave the state and go way out where there are few people. You better go now. Eventually it will be impossible to move from state to state or even to visit without showing your “Vaccination Card”. “NO JAB, NO FREEDOM!” No freedom…no America!

I exhort you to get your life right with the Lord TODAY. Don’t wait for that “tomorrow”. Tomorrow may be too late.

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