Roy’s Blog: “Approaching Storm”

Psalm 107:29 (ESV) “He made the storm be still and the waves of the sea were hushed.”

Right now the sky is getting darker as a front pushes in from the west. I can hear the thunder, but there’s not a leaf moving on the trees. It’s just the still before the storm. The only sound other than the far-off thunder is the tree frogs shouting their approval of the coming rain.

The storm approaching our world is much the same. The time of tribulation isn’t quite here, but there are rumblings, and signs we need to take note of and prepare for. Just as you would take shelter from a rainstorm, you need the sheltering arms of the Lord.

As division raises its ugly head in riots and lawlessness, the Economic Union members promise a revamped Union. I see a thirst for a “World Leader” to usher in “peace and security”, but there is no peace or security, no shelter, to be found. Yet, he is prepared to step out at just the right moment with promises of quieting the storm, and for a while, he will. Then the real storm will rage!

Pay attention to the warning signs! Find real lasting shelter from the approaching storm in Jesus Christ.

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