Roy’s Blog: “Recipe For An Explosion”

I John 2:18 (ASV) “Little children, it is the last hour; and as ye heard that antichrist cometh, and now many antichrists have developed, from which we know that it is the last hour.”

In Europe, there is unrest like nothing we’ve seen since WWII. Governments struggle with the search for energy and the approaching grain shortages. People pray for a leader that will lead them out of the insanity and turmoil in their daily lives.

From the upheaval going on in Europe, an amazing thing is happening. Volodymyr Zelenskyy has become an international hero. To many, he has become a religious icon with people lighting votive candles to “Saint” Zelenskyy. I’m not saying he is the antichrist, but he well could be a type of antichrist.

The antichrist will rise from Europe. He will be a man that will move from the shadows to lead the world stage from turmoil and darkness toward peace and security for a period of time.

I do know that today we have a worldwide recipe for an explosion that will shatter our world, causing many to accept this world leader who promises stability and peace, only to have satanic forces ultimately in control of their lives.

Are you ready for the Rapture? It will happen…and I’ll be out of here. Will you?

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