Roy’s Blog: “The Eternal Decision”

Hebrews 6:11 (NASB) “And we desire that each one of you demonstrate the same diligence so as to realize the full assurance of [His] hope until the end.”

I remember years ago failing a test that I just knew was one I couldn’t possibly fail. I was very good at math. I wanted this job so I didn’t have to bail hay that summer for money to continue college. I whizzed through the test. Seemed very easy to me. I couldn’t have missed any…but I did. One question. I missed one. Trouble was (I didn’t know) you had to make one hundred percent! You couldn’t miss any. That one mistake changed everything. So I had a long, hard, hot Texas summer.

So it is in life. One mistake can change everything. One wrong turn, one wrong stop, going the wrong way one time, we’ve all experienced a decision that changed our lives forever. And you may not have even realized it at the time.

One decision stands out far above all others. It is the decision that changes your life for eternity. Years ago a friend of mine talked about a bad decision that ultimately led to the best decision of his life. He started out to walk to another town knowing a storm had been forecast. He thought he could make it and be okay. He got caught out in the storm in the dark, with the lightning flashing all around, and lost his way. Finally, he came to an old church house. It was unlocked, and there in the dark with the storm raging outside, he let go and trusted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. That decision changed his life forever.

Make the decision that can change YOUR life. Don’t wait until it’s everlastingly too late.

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