Roy’s Blog: “New Vision”

Daniel 8:25 (NASB) “And through his shrewdness, he will make deceit a success by his influence; and he will make himself great in his own mind. And he will destroy many while they are at ease. He will oppose the Prince of princes, but he will be broken without human agency.”

NEOM: The vision of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salam, of Saudi Arabia, emerged from Saudi Vision 2030. He said it will be a city like no other because the city will be designed and constructed from “scratch”. Its planning will be initiated with 500 billion dollars from the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia and international investors.

The Neom project is located in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia in the northwest part of the kingdom, extending along the coastline of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Agaba. Make no mistake…it is a part of the global 2030 agenda and the world is involved in the project.

Why this new project? The “New World Order” needs a new dream, a new vision to focus on. A “this is what the world could be like under the New World Order under their new leadership”. Not the old corrupt world we have today, but one with a bright shining future with only the best of everything…investors, jobs, etc. (Only the best people?) It is a bright future to be sold to the world under the guise of a new world order and a new world leader.

And all of this by when? 2030 of course. That magical number that keeps cropping up. But a lot must happen before that date which is just a little over seven years away.

Time flies! Are you ready?

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