Roy’s Blog: “Strange Things”

Revelation 16:12 (NASB) “The sixth angel poured his bowl out on the great river, the Euphrates, and its water was dried up so that the way would be prepared for the kings from the east.”

Friday an agreement was struck between Iran and Saudi Arabia to reestablish relations. The diplomatic agreement, brokered by China in Beijing, China, was reached after four days of talks with senior security officials of both countries. The deal was meant to ease tensions between the Middle East powers after seven years of hostilities.

This deal was a diplomatic and political success for China, which also recently published a peace plan to end the war in Ukraine. The big thing about these agreements is that it continues to cut into the posture of the United States in the region and shows the rise of China’s influence in world affairs.

Right after the agreement was made by the two nations, a strange thing started to happen in Beijing…worms. Worms started to rain from the sky, falling all over cars, streets, buildings, and people. The people were warned if they went outside to carry an umbrella to keep the worms off. Weird stuff!

One thing is certain. More and more the United States is being replaced by China on the world stage. And that should make everyone sit up and take notice. We are not mentioned as a world leader in the end times. But the “kings of the east are”.

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