Roy’s Blog: “The Fog Is Lifting”

Revelation 13:9 (NASB) “If anyone has an ear, let him hear.”

I have been in some terribly thick fog in my life, in Southern California and East Texas. Not only could you not see through it, but it also did weird things making you see things differently, making you see things that weren’t there, and hiding things that were. It was dangerous to be on the roads. I was so glad to see the sun break through that soupy mess and clear it away.

It’s the same today with our lives. As the fog lifts, prophecies that could not be seen, that were impossible to distinguish at the time, are now so easily understood. For thousands of years, people have been unable to comprehend how God’s prophecies could possibly happen as described in the Bible. But now, those prophecies are being understood, and many are being fulfilled. Questions like these:

  • How can antichrist desecrate the temple in Jerusalem, when there was no Israel on the map for more than 1800 years? Now, Israel is a nation again…since 1948.
  • How can the antichrist possibly track every human being on the earth with a mark? That is understood when you look at digital IDs and central bank digital currencies.
  • How could they control the masses? Add in the centralized health care and food distribution and you have full control which was never possible until now.

Many of these prophecies have been “sealed until the time of the end.” (Daniel 12:9)

Through your trials and problems, look to the Son to bring you Light and lift the fog.

One thought on “Roy’s Blog: “The Fog Is Lifting”

  1. Nice
    This is a thought-provoking and insightful post about understanding prophecies and how they can be fulfilled. The analogy of life being like a fog is powerful and the message to look to the Son for guidance is uplifting.
    Frank/Best Website Builders


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