Roy’s Blog: “Walk In Step”

Luke 5:11 “When they had brought their boats to land, they left everything and followed Him.”

These men, just plain fishermen trying to make a living for their families, made a life-changing decision. They met, believed in, and immediately made the decision to follow Jesus. What seemed important and right hours before were no longer important or valuable to them. Their goals, dreams, and desires changed with that one choice. They were called on a mission by the Lord.

They quickly fell in step with their Savior. Easy? Not hardly. But they did it and at times paid great prices for doing so. How do you walk in step with God?

  • You make yourself available for a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. These men went where Jesus went. Ate what Jesus ate and saw the miracles Jesus performed. Every day.
  • Have a hunger for God. These early disciples (and apostles) didn’t have a degree in the Bible. They didn’t even have a (physical) Bible. But they had a hunger for God and for His words that He spoke.
  • You change priorities. Everything in Peter’s fishing business (and it was quite large with several boats) changed on that one trip. Peter recognized Jesus for who He was (the promised Messiah) and he obeyed that call. He left everything behind.
  • Recognize Jesus for who He is, the Son of God, the Savior of fallen mankind. And listen to Him. How? Jesus said (paraphrased), “Seek Me with your whole heart and You will find Me.” Matthew 7:7a.

Even with the resources we have today, the many Bibles available, the programs, and the churches on every corner, there are so many children that have never heard of Jesus, and so many adults that don’t know who Jesus is or what He came to provide for them-eternal life. Be a modern-day disciple, follow Jesus, and tell others about the wonderful gift given to you by the blood of that Savior.

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